Biggest Take-Away -Over The Top Customer Service The biggest “Take-Away” from the Jay Abraham/JT Foxx event was the emphasis they put on over the top customer service and understanding how that can be the single most important way to grow your business. The unusual process they used to invite people to the event: • Long sales letter […]The post Expand Your Vision! appeared first on jeanettemcvoy.

My friend and mentor Mike Hobbs made a great video that you need to watch so you will know what to say when someone says they don t have the money . This is some very important coaching for anyone who says they don t have the money, even $25 for a business. Align yourself with a team […]The post What If I Don’t Have The Money To Join A Business? appeared first on jeanettemcvoy.

I live just outside of Boulder where lots of flooding is happening right now. With 7 inches of rain in past 24 hours. Here is a photo taken a couple of miles from my townhouse. There are cars in water and debris and manholes missing their covers literally everywhere in Boulder County. This one is […]The post Colorado Flooding Yikes Devastating To Such A Beautiful Area appeared first on jeanettemcvoy.