Network Marketing Keep It Simple” Basic Principles for success in MLM 1. Duplication 2. Consistency 3. Time Duplication: • without this you cannot build a large organization • you must replace yourself and then show others how to replace themselves • your downline will want to do what you do not what you say we have certainly seen that! • Must have simple systems that anyone can do – my rule is that if an 8 year old canʼt do it, he wonʼt do or teach it. Consistency • you donʼt need to be a guru or superstar or recruit one myth that hurts people and keeps some from even trying • you need a lot of people each doing a little consistently Time • It takes 2 5 years • Part time effort fine, but needs to be consistent over time What to do and how to do it Action Steps 1. Be a product of the product – shop your monthly expenses through the system you have no credibility if you donʼt use the system yourself 2. Invite people to watch your presentation (video) You must

Selling Is Easy Selling really isn’t so difficult after all, is it? As you can see, success in salesman.ship depends upon factors quite different from the common conceptions. You don’t have to be a showman, an extrovert, forceful, flamboyant, domineering, tireless, single-minded, or even energetic. But you do have to be sensitive, alert, imaginative, honest, [ ] The post SELLING IS EASY appeared first on jeanettemcvoy.